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"Your Power Manager. As It Should Be..."

iSun Shut is the free, easiest, and simplest application to make tasks such as: Shutdown, Restart, Sign Out and Hibernate.
With this application you will save time, money and energy, because you won't need to leave your PC turned on the whole night anymore, waiting for downloads to complete or large installations. With iSun Shut you just must specify when your Computer will shutdown, and it will even while you're sleeping or away.
Presenting its new GUI, anyone can use it, because you will set your task in only 2 steps: 1-Choose What you want, 2-Choose when you want it, and its done. It just works. Optionally, you can choose other options with your task.

iSun Shut has a usefull Security System, so you can lock the application with a password, and anyone won't make changes to what you done. This is usefull if you loaned your PC to your children, or someone else, and you don't want them to be there too late.

This application, on this new version, includes over +10 features, some of them new, and some improved.

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